A solar consultant is the one who is responsible for the successful execution of a solar panel process and installation project. They monitor aspects such as equipment quality measures, efficient system design and solar panel installation as well as project deadlines. There are numerous companies in New York which provides solar panel process and installation services.

Consulting in renewable energy isn’t fundamentally about specific courses, though.  It is much more about learning on the job and absorbing vast amount of information quickly and meticulously, and then applying methodologies that you’ve learned for your clients. In the case of renewables, the whole industry is pretty much new and evolving, a person might be able to gather knowledge more easily than an entrenched industry.

The very first quality for a better solar consultant is to stay updated to the latest market trends. The next crucial thing a solar consultant needs to know are technical knowledge in cell or solar module manufacturing, solar PV rooftop survey, solar power plant designing and implementation. This is because when you approaches the client, you never know what question they may ask or what solution you may have to provide. Hence a thorough knowledge is required.

Being a solar consultant, one should also have knowledge in doing some financial analysis and business modelling. A good consultant should be able to scrutinize the problem and give a complete solution in the specific time frame. Also a good solar consultant must possess good communication skills, presentation skills, networking skills etc. An efficient solar consultant must be able to handle the following scenarios.

Feasibility Study- A solar consultant should be able to assess current and future energy requirement of the consumer, cost-benefit analysis of adopting solar energy. They should also be able to identify and compare various available options.

Detailed Engineering- Should prepare various detailed technical documents, and also need to prepare operation and maintenance plan, including use of remote monitoring and production data analysis.

Procurement & Contracting Support- Should prepare bid documents, assisting in the award of contracts and also maintain a follow up on delivery of equipment.

Project Management- Preparing project management plan and timelines and supervision of installation and commissioning activities.