Solar energy is the purest and most abundant renewable energy source available on earth. The U.S. has some of the world’s richest solar resources and there exists several solar panel energy system company in New York. Today’s technology allows us to harness this resource by solar panel process and installation, giving the public and commercial entities flexible ways to employ both the light and heat of the sun.

photovoltaic is a technique by which light is directly convert into electricity; concentrating solar power, which uses heat from the sun (solar power) to drive utility requirements, electric turbines, working of heating and cooling systems, which collect thermal energy to provide hot water and air conditioning.

Below are examples of innovative, low-cost ways solar energy is being used to enhance our daily lives.

Solar powered roads

The roadways in USA are heralded for their ability to generate clean energy, but they also include LED bulbs that can light roads at night and have the thermal heating capacity to melt snow during winter weather.

Wearable solar

Tiny solar panels can now be sewed into the fabric of clothing. The wearable solar products of the past, like solar-powered watches and solar-powered calculators, have typically been made with hard plastic material. This innovative textile concept makes it possible for solar to expand into home products like window curtains and lively consumer clean tech like heated car seats. 
Solar batteries

The concepts of off-grid solar and solar plus storage have won popularity in USA and solar power system providers have taken notice. Solar storage is still a fairly expensive product but a surge in demand from solar shoppers is expected to bring more efficient and affordable batteries to market in 2018.

Solar thermal fuel (STF)

The technology and process behind STFs is comparable to a typical solar powered battery. The STF can harvest sunlight energy, store it as a charge and then release it when needed.

Solar water purifiers

As the technology behind solar purifiers continues to enhance, expect these small-sized devices to come to market with hikers and campers in mind as an ideal consumer audience.